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Nothing is better for cozying up the home than candles. You’ll be inspired to try these 12 easy projects to add warmth to your decor.

As the weather cools, it’s time add candles to your decorating repertoire. Whether you want to make candles from scratch or take store-bought candles and craft around them, these ideas will inspire you. And best of all, they’re easy to make.


You are going to absolutely love these DIY Fall Craft Ideas and most of them are so simple to make! Now that my boys are back in school, I am excited for the Fall weather and all of the other good stuff that comes with it. We have gathered up everything from crafts, outdoor projects, and DIY home decor…we have you covered!

Fall is one of my favorite times. With the beautiful fall colors, pleasant weather, and the holidays just around the corner, there is so much to love about this time of year. It is also an ideal time to get creative and crafty, and with a few fall craft ideas, you’ll be able to get started in no time. Kids are especially creative, so I’ve compiled a list of fall crafts for kids that will spark their imagination and get them excited about the season.


Image result for kids diy fall candle crafts


Image result for kids diy fall candle crafts





Image result for kids diy fall candle crafts

Image result for kids diy fall candle crafts


Prepare a wonderful table decoration for special occasions or just as a surprise for the family and friends! We will give you 115 craft ideas how to arrange floral arrangements, coordinate table runners and tablecloth with the decoration, provide romantic lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere!

Article overview:

1. Table decoration with flowers

2. Festive table decoration – kids birthday, family celebration, engagement and wedding

3. Table setting – napkin folding, combine placemats, choose table runners

4. Decoration for the garden table

5. Lighting – romantic candles

Table decoration ideas – DIY Flower arrangements

Image result for table decorations with flowers and candles

Flowers on the table are a cheerful decoration when decorating the dining area. You can prepare floral arrangements of seasonal flowers. Choose an accent and match the color of the flowers with the tablecloth / table runner /. Colorful tablecloths should be combined with monochromatic floral arrangements. Often a combination with tulips is used. Try to combine lemons and flowers – the end effect will amaze you for sure! For special occasions one often needs special flowers – white roses, orchids or flowers on the napkins of table decoration will give a classy look.

Image result for candle table decoration for children

Image result for table decorations with flowers and candles

Garden table decorated with seasonal flowers

Decorating lanterns and candles is great fun for older children.  They make lovely gifts or decorations for festivals such as Diwali, Hanukkah or Christmas.

Beaded Candle Holder

Beaded Candle Holder

When you light a tea light in this pretty beaded candle holder, no-one will guess that it is a recycled glass jar! Use pretty glass or plastic beads for a lovely stained-glass effect.

Christmas Candle Lamp Craft

Christmas Candle Lamp Craft

This Christmas candle lamp craft is a fun way for kids to quickly recycle an old jar into a pretty candle lamp for the holiday! The photo above doesn’t do justice to how pretty the “lamp” looks with a burning votive candle or nightlight candle inside.

Drawing Pin Decorative Candle

Drawing Pin Decorative Candle

Children will really enjoy creating this pretty drawing pin decorative candle – it is very satisfying to push the pins in, and even the youngest children can produce a really good effect.

Glass Painted Candle Holder

Glass Painted Candle Holder

Recycle some little glass jars into these sparkling glass painted candle holders! Quick and easy for kids to do – and very special.

Halloween Candle Jars

Halloween Candle Jars

These candle jars are simple and great fun to make, and a very effective Halloween decoration. But an adult will need to supervise everything to do with the candle – including, of course, lighting it!

Jack O' Lantern Tea Light Holders

Jack O’ Lantern Tea Light Holders

This simple jack o’lantern craft is a great way to light up the house on Halloween. Even the youngest kids can have fun with this craft!

Mother's Day Candle

Mother’s Day Candle

With mothers more than anyone the phrase ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is true.

Origami Candle And Candleholder

Origami Candle And Candleholder

There are traditional origami candle models, but they are very, very difficult! We’ve cheated a little, therefore, to create this origami candle for kids to fold, but the finished result is very impressive!

Painted Candle Craft

Painted Candle Craft

We made our candle to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, but you could make Christmas or Halloween candles in exactly the same way. They would also make a lovely hand made gift.

Tea Light Holder

Tea Light Holder

This pretty little candle holder makes a sweet little gift for kids to make, and is a perfect craft for Diwali too.

You will need:

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Pretty cool, isn’t it?
Here’s what you need:
* white tissue paper
* markers
* pillar candles (white or other light colors would work best)
* waxed paper or parchment paper
* hair dryer or heat embossing gun
Here’s what to do:
1.  Cut a piece of tissue paper to fit around the outside of your candle.  You’ll want it a little smaller than the candle itself.
2.  Using markers, have your child decorate the tissue paper.  The tissue paper is pretty delicate (obviously!), so encourage simple drawings and discourage coloring in large areas or the paper might tear.
Cute drawing and inexpensive dollar store candle.

3.  When the drawing is completed, get a piece of waxed paper slightly larger than the candle.  Wrap the tissue paper artwork around the outside of the candle, then wrap the waxed paper on top of that, using the extra length as a little handle.

Wrap the drawing around the candle.


Then, wrap the waxed paper around, making a handle.
4.  Next, use the hairdryer or heat gun to melt the design onto the candle.  (The hairdryer works fine, it just takes a little while to warm up enough.  Put it on the highest heat setting and hold it blowing as close as possible to the candle.)  As the wax melts, the tissue paper will become part of the candle.  You’ll be able to see it change color through the waxed paper, going from white to the color of the candle.  Continue until you can’t see any more white tissue paper.
Notice how the tissue paper near the name is still white, but it’s the color of the candle to the right of the name  .

5.  Carefully pull back the waxed paper to reveal your child’s artwork now as part of the candle.  You can burn the candle just as you would any other candle.

My youngest made a cute one too!


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