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For this thanksgiving feast why not entertain your little ones with great turkey snacks that you know they will enjoy. These are some of the coolest turkey DIY’S for the kids and maybe even the whole family. Ladies I dare you to take it up a set higher this Thanksgiving Holiday with these cool DIY’S Ideas from some of my favorite blogs.



Whether you make this for Thanksgiving dinner at home or for a school classroom party, every kids’ table needs a paper bag turkey. And this one has a surprise inside. Been wondering how to make it? We’re going to show you.

paper bag popcorn turkey tutorial

You will need: 3-4 bags of popcorn, a large brown grocery bag, 2 small brown lunch bags, a hot glue gun, scissors, white paper for the frills


1. For the frill, take a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11″ white paper and cut it in half lengthwise. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and make small cuts with a pair of scissors on the folded half to create loops.

2. For the drumsticks, make one hand into a fist and stick it inside the lunch bag. With your other flat hand, press on the bag to mold and smash it down into a more rounded shape. Fill the bag 2/3 of the way with popcorn. Gather up the bottom of the bag and twist to keep it tight. Hot glue the beginning of the length of frill and wrap it around the bottom, twisted part of the lunch bag. Then hot glue the end of the white paper frill to keep it in place.

3. For the main bag, do the same thing as the drumstick to make the corners rounded. Fill the bag up full with popcorn. Fold the sides of the bag in and tuck the bottom edge under. Hot glue the edge shut. Hot glue the legs onto the sides of the “turkey.” It’s best to use a plain brown bag, but if you can only find one with writing on the outside, you can carefully turn the bag inside out and it will be just fine. Easy Peasy.

*If using buttered popcorn to fill the turkey, use parchment or wax paper to line the paper bag to avoid grease marks.

We used fresh parsley as a garnish on the platter, underneath the turkey.

paper bag popcorn turkey closeup

Invite an adult guest of honor to “carve” the turkey with a real knife. Then everyone can enjoy some popcorn while they wait for the rest of the meal.

paper bag popcorn turkey table

Photos by Nicole Gerulat



Image result for stuffed turkey diy snack ideas

Image result for turkey diy snack ideas

Thanksgiving recipe, crafts, DIY, snacks, printables and more. Everything you need for Thanksgiving for kids

We have listed a lot of fun Fall and Thanksgiving ideas the last few weeks, so I thought it was time to list them all in one  spot that way they would be easier to find.  A  little something for everyone crafts, DIY, snacks printable and more. Make sure you PIN it or save it so you can find it later.


8 Turkey Treats – Thanksgiving Fun Food Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving FunFood Ideas! Cute Turkey Treats for Dessert or Kid's Snacks.

Thanksgiving turkeys are great for grown-ups, but these fun turkey treat ideas will make your little guests gobble with glee!

Enjoy these turkey treat recipe ideas to make your holiday extra festive.

Turkey Snack - Thanksgiving Fun Food Idea

Turkey Sandwich Snack by Meet the Dubiens.

Cheese Turkey Snacks! Cute food idea for Thanksgiving.

Cheesy Healthy Turkey Snacks by Living Locurto.


Turkey Pops - Thanksgiving Fun Food Idea

Turkey Treat Rice Krispies Pops by Rice Krispies.


Turkey Rice Krispie treats - Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Turkey Rice Krispie Treats by Kim at The Celebration Shoppe.

Image result for turkey diy snack ideas


Saved from


Dianna Kane

Adorable Turkey veggie tray & dip layout. Gobble till you wobble! Thanksgiving veggie tray

Lindsay Ferrier

Saved from

Lindsay Ferrier


Get more Pins from Lindsay Ferrier

 Turkey shaped fruit and veggie tray lets do this for our thanksgiving at work:

Lindsay Ferrier

Saved from

Lindsay Ferrier


Turkey shaped fruit and veggie tray lets do this for our thanksgiving at work

Michele Duchala
Kay Smith
Jill Libbesmeier

Turkey Cookie - Thanksgiving Fun Food Idea

Super cute Turkey Cookies treat by 7th House on the Left.


Oreo Turkey Treats - Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Oreo Cookie Turkey treats by Our Best Bites.


Turkey Cookies - Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Easy Turkey Sugar Cookies  via Betty Crocker.


Turkey Snack - Thanksgiving Fun Food Idea

Healthy Apple Turkey treats by Momendeavors.


Click the image below for more fun DIY Party, Recipe and Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving DIY Party Ideas, Crafts and Printables at

Baggies of popcorn wrapped in tissue paper to look like corn on the cob. The kids loved it.: Turkey Oreos from Our Best Bites  #Thanksgiving #TurkeyTreats Can't wait until Thanksgiving to do this with my kids in Children's Church!!!:

Your kids are going to FLIP over this Thanksgiving Oreo Turkey Cookie Pops Tutorial | The Jenny Evolution:
The Jenny Evolution

Recipe from

The Jenny Evolution

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats—Oreo Pops - The Idea Room:
The Idea Room

Article from

The Idea Room

Read it

Pumpkin Bread Truffles - 14 Incomparable Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes | GleamItUp: Visually Similar Results Button
Real Housemoms

Article from

Real Housemoms

Read it

Get more  from Real Housemoms

Get your fall fix with 50 Sweet Pumpkin Recipes to tickle your taste buds!

OREO Turkey Pops for Thanksgiving. Super cute edible craft for kids.:
Hoosier Homemade | Baking + Recipes + DIY

Article from

Hoosier Homemade | Baking + Recipes + DIY

Read it

 from Hoosier Homemade | Baking + Recipes + DIY

These Turkey Pops are really easy and lots of fun to create! With just a few supplies including everyone’s favorite OREO cookies.

Thanksgiving Dessert Table for Kids

thanksgiving dessert table for kids, kid friendly thanksgiving, turkey day treats for children

Kids deserve a dessert table all their own!  These sweet treats are so easy to create, they can even help make them!

mini turkey table, graham cracker table, cute food, thanksgiving dessert

These teeny tiny turkey tables are an instant hit with the kiddos.  For a full tutorial, click here.

pumpkin pie cupcake, thanksgiving dessert, cute food

A cupcake to pie for. These cute little pumpkin pie toppers really do taste like pumpkin pie!  I cut slices out of the Jet Puffed Spice mallows (use a wet knife) and then softened caramel in the microwave for the crust and shaped it around the marshmallow. I topped it off with a vanilla mallow bit and ta-da! A mini pumpkin pie.

turkey chocolate spoons, hot chocolate, thanksgiving dessert, cute food

Make hot cocoa even more fun with these chocolate spoons. Melt chocolate and dip the spoons in.  Add a chocolate candy  melt for the head (I used mint flavored) and decorate with candy eyes and sprinkles.  For the feathers, cut small marshmallows on the diagonal and dip them into colored sprinkles.

harvest cookie, thanksgiving cookie, cute food, thanksgiving dessert

Harvest wagon wafer cookies are a cute edible craft to keep the kiddos busy while waiting for dinner. You’ll need some chocolate wafer cookies, butterscotch candy, shredded wheat, leaf sprinkles, pumpkin candy and a pretzel stick.  It’s all held together with chocolate frosting! Yum!

mayflower donut, cute food, thanksgiving dessert, hostess donette

Mayflower Donettes!  So easy, so yummy.  A full tutorial here.

turkey popcorn ball, lollipop dessert, cute food, thanksgiving treat, kid friendly thanksgiving

Lollipopcorn balls.  Dress up your popcorn balls by adding a Tootsie pop for the head, candy eyes and sprinkles.  Lollipops of different colors make the feathers!

leaf cookies, fall cookies, thanksgiving dessert, cute food

Doll up store bought cookies all cute like by spraying them with color mist food coloring.  Add candy eyes and draw on a cute face with an edible marker. Easy peasy.

tiny turkey table, graham cracker, cute food
kid dessert table thanksgiving
Dreaming in DIY

Article from

Dreaming in DIY

Read it


Thanksgiving Kids Food Crafts on Frugal Coupon Living


Pin to Pinterest

You guys loved our Round-up of FREE Thanksgiving Printables check out these Thanksgiving Food Craft Ideas for Kids! There are so many fun ways to be festive for Fall! Gobble up these fun turkey ideas made out of cookies, pizza, cinnamon rolls, candy, fruit and more. Any day can be celebrated with harvest inspired food. The ice cream cone cornucopias will be perfect for a class treat! What about a Babybel turkey in their lunchbox? Whether you’re wanting inspiration for breakfast, lunch dinner or a snack, this list has got it!

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 1

1.) Turkey Thanksgiving Pretzels on Frugal Coupon Living

2.) Cinnamon Roll Turkeys from Pillsbury

3.) Pilgrim Cupcakes from Tonya Staab

4.) Turkey Bento Box from Meet the Dubiens

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 2

5.) Turkey Sugar Cookies as seen on The Rachael Ray Show on Frugal Coupon Living

6.) Candy Corn Favors from Craft Berry Bush

7.) Turkey Donut from Dimple Prints

8.) Turkey Veggie Cups from Catch My Party

9.) Turkey Waffle from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 3

10.) Turkey Nutter Butter Cookies on Frugal Coupon Living

11.) Turkey Reese’s Pieces Treats from Clean and Centsible

12.) Turkey Pudding Cups from Party Pinching

13.) Thanksgiving Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia from The Craft Patch Blog

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 4

14.) Teepee Cupcakes from Sweetology – We also love our Fall Ice Cream Cone TeepeesPin to Pinterest.

15.) OREO Acorns on Frugal Coupon Living

16.) Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops from The Partiologist

17.) Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors from Shaken Together Life

18.) Turkey Peanut Butter Treats from Meaningful Mama

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 5

19.) Turkey Fruit and Cheese Plate from Meet the Dubiens

20.) Chocolate Covered OREO Turkey on Frugal Coupon Living

21.) Turkey Pizza from Growing Up Bilingual

22.) Turkey Cheeseball from Hand Made in the Heartland

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 6

23.) Donut Hole Acorns from Taste and See

24.) Harvest Corn Nutter Butters from Candiquik

25.) Turkey Rice Krispie Treats on Frugal Coupon Living

26.) Turkey Cheese Snacks from Living Locurto

27.) Scarecrow Cookie Pops from Reluctant Entertainer

Kid Food Craft Thanksgiving Collage 7

28.) Tootsie Pop Turkey from Tippy Toes and Tantrums

29.) Turkey Pretzels on Worth Pinning

30.) Rolo Pilgram Hats as seen on The Rachael Ray Show on Frugal Coupon Living

31.) Fruit Turkey from Meet the Dubiens

Enjoy our Turkey Cheese Sticks


Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

The stuffed turkey is the hallmark of Thanksgiving. Every household has its own way of preparing and stuffing the real turkey,  but there are also the many turkey shaped decorations and most importantly for the children, the turkey shaped cookies. So, how many ways do you know for making a fun turkey-looking sweets for your kids? Having in mind that all your attention and effort will be on preparing that juicy turkey for dinner and you won’t have much time for making cookies as well, here are the top 10 turkey looking sweets you can make in no time at all.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkeys

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

DIY: Thanksgiving Turkey Cups

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Gobble, Gobble! Turkey Cake Pops!

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Happy Thanksgiving—Turkey for Dessert, anyone?

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

How to Make M&M Turkey Favors

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Chocolate Rice Cereal Turkeys

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Recipe via

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge or Chocolate Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Top 10 Cute DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats



More Thanksgiving and Fall Ideas:Fall Leaves Craft made with a toilet paper roll and paint, quick and easy diy craft for kids Party Ideas for kidsTP Roll Leaf Stamps ~ Fall CraftTurkey Pretzel and fast and easy treat for fall or Thanksgiving, Party Recipes for kids, Snack Ideas for FallTurkey Pretzel Pops


Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Fall Corn  Craft Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

turkey color page Thanksgiving art

Free Printable Count and Color Turkey Thanksgiving art

Cheddar Cheese Pumpkins, a fast and easy idea for Thanksgiving or Halloween. Healthy Party Treat Ideas #Cheese

Pumpkin Shaped Babybel Cheese ~ Quick and Healthy Fall TreatHappy Thanks Giving I'm Thankful for you friend

Happy Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for you friend 

count & Color Turkey art Turkey coloring page

Count & Color turkey art turkey coloring pageEasy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinyl, #vinylcrafts, #vinylsignGive Thanks Sign

Pumpkin Rolls a quick and easy way to make your table festive, perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving parties

Pumpkin Shaped Dinner Rolls 

Quick and easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins


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