Kids Easy Halloween Party Arts And Crafts

Author: Dominique Holmes


These simple Halloween activities are fun to do and make great (spooky!) decorations for the fall .The scary season is upon us, and I have to admit, I think I love it just as much as the kids do! I think it’s just one of those great childhood memories that just never quite faded away for me. There’s no doubt that your kids are getting excited for Halloween, too, with all the scary decorations, the fun costumes, and of course, the yummy treats. So get them involved in some crafting and decorating so that they can have some fun and learn some things along the way, too.From activities little ones will love to do at your Halloween bash to spooky crafts you and your kids can make together, we have great projects that require few materials but guarantee lots of fun!


15 Adorable Halloween Crafts for Kids

The fall air is starting to crisp and the leaves are changing color. Now is the perfect time to start doing some Halloween Crafts for Kids with your children. After all, they are probably already starting to get excited about Halloween coming. I have a nice collection of crafts already put together to get you started.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

These Halloween Crafts were chosen for their ease to do with children, as well as creating a displayable finished craft.  After all, kids sure do love to see their artwork proudly displayed. All the craft projects make use of common items too.  You won’t be running around looking for anything obscure to make these cute Halloween crafts, that is just too annoying for busy parents.


Halloween Craft for Kids: Hanging Bat Art Project using cardboard tubes! Fun for fall and makes a great addition to the children's book Stellaluna! ~
Halloween Masks

Scott Little

Masked Marvels

Masks are always a hit with kids, and purchased masquerade masks from crafts stores are great blank canvases for creating a variety of characters. From top left: Spray-paint a mask black and add patterned-paper whiskers and ears and a pom-pom nose for a simple cat. Spray-paint a mask with olive-color paint, add red dimensional paint squiggles, glue on googly eyes, and attach curled chenille stems for an instant alien. Or, spray-paint a mask purple, and add crafts foam wings, self-stick gems, and neon-yellow dimensional paint details for a bejeweled bat.

Halloween treat bags

Scott Little

Character Treat Bags

Need a super simple kids’ party craft? Make these treat bags the kids can take home after the party. Give the children a lunch-size sack in white, black, or orange, and let them use their imagination to create a skeleton-, bat-, spider-, or pumpkin-theme bag using paper cutouts, paint markers, googly eyes, chenille stems, and other crafts supplies. When kids have finished decorating their bags, fold and trim the tops of the bags with decorative-edge scissors. Punch two holes in the folded top and secure the folds by threading ribbon through the holes. Let kids choose a Halloween sticker saying to add the front of their bags.




    Cat pumpkin
    1. Cut out the pumpkin’s mask from white stiffened felt.

    2. Smear it with glue and sprinkle it with white glitter. Let dry and shake off excess. Before carving, position and tape eyes to the pumpkin so they fit under the mask’s eyes.

    3. Parents: Carve the face of a carvable artificial white pumpkin ($13; Michaels stores) with a box cutter.

    4. Paint the pumpkin bright white and the stem silver. Let dry.

    5. Hot-glue the mask on the pumpkin over the eye holes.

    6. Hot-glue six 3-1/2-inch iridescent chenille pipe cleaners, three on each side of the nose.

    7. With a sharpened pencil, punch a hole 1 inch from either side of the stem. Then punch another hole 1-1/2 inches from the first holes.

    8. Cut two 4-inch pieces from a giant chenille pipe cleaner. Bend in half and stick each end in the holes to make the ears.

    9. Punch a hole in the back of the pumpkin, about 1-1/2 inches from the bottom center and stick the rest of the giant white pipe cleaner in it for the tail.

    Still looking for the perfect costume? Check out these unique picks!

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