As the Holidays are just around the corner try these cost friendly at home decorating craft ideas for you the kids and the whole family.

30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

Instead of tossing those old wine bottles, use them in a variety of wine bottle crafts. You can create lamps, decorative vases, and hurricanes from old wine bottles, and there are many other things to make with wine bottles. Don’t forget to save the corks, too!

To remove the labels from wine bottles, soak them in hot water with a few drops of soap for 20 minutes. Then, simply scrape or peel off the label. You can also keep the wine label intact and create lovely wall art (especially with those fancy French wine labels).

This list of 30+ Things to Do with Old Wine Bottles is full of clever, chic, and just plain stunning wine bottle craft ideas that you are going to adore almost as much as you adore the wine that comes in the bottles. From DIY home décor ideas to surprisingly simple wine bottle crafts ideas to make organizers, these pretty DIY crafts are the wine bottle DIY ideas you have been looking for! If you do not have any bottles to use now, simply bookmark or pin this collection for later.

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Wine Bottle Crafts

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Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot craft! It's so easy that a child could do it, and you just need a few simple supplies.We’re on our second month of summer vacation, and my kids are bored!  I’ve been trying to come up with fun crafts and activities to keep them busy during the day, so we made these cute little Sharpie dot flower pots. I’ve seen this technique used to decorate ceramic mugs, and I thought it would look really cute on a flower pot. This flower pot craft is so easy, and all you need are letter stickers and an oil-based Sharpie. The kids can spell out their own names, or the name of a teacher or friend to give as a gift. You could even spell out the names of different herbs and use them to make a little herb garden!

Supplies needed:

  • white, ceramic flower pots – found these at the craft store
  • letter stickers
  • oil-based Sharpie(s)
  • optional: rubbing alcohol
  • optional: cotton swabs

sharpie-flower-pots-01Place the letter stickers on your pot to spell a name or word. You could use some fun shape stickers for this part as well!

sharpie-flower-pots-02Use your Sharpie to make dots all around the letters.

sharpie-flower-pots-03Make the dots close together around the stickers, and fade them out as you get further away. You can use one color like we did or have fun with a bunch of different colors.

sharpie-flower-pots-04Make sure the ink is completely dry and then peel off the stickers.

sharpie-flower-pots-05If there were any spots that the ink leaked under the stickers, just wipe it off with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot craft! It's so easy that a child could do it, and you just need a few simple supplies.And you’re done with your flower pot craft! Easy right?!

Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot craft! It's so easy that a child could do it, and you just need a few simple supplies.We put some pretty succulents in our pots, that are perfect for our hot California summer. Hopefully we finally have something that will survive since I’m not great at watering things.

Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot craft! It's so easy that a child could do it, and you just need a few simple supplies.For more crafts like this, visit my blog, Cutesy Crafts. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Pinterest.

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Let it Snow Globe: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe! | Story by ModClolth

DIY Snow Globe by modcloth: A family favorite! (Try a baby food jar and with mineral oil instead of water for a gentler snow fall. ) #Snow_Globe #modcloth


Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions

Source and Instructions


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