Printable crafts are very quick to prepare which makes them a good standby for group activities or those ‘I’m bored’ moments. I have a folder at home in which I keep some preprinted activites ready to pull out at short notice – and they’ve saved the day on many occasions! Keep a variety so that you can cater for any age of child.

The other day, I shared 11 DIY art activity pages to make for kids based on their interests. But sometimes you just don’t want to do anything more than press the print button. So, while the the make-your-own versions are endlessly customizable, printable art activities are quick and easy and more professional looking.

Today, I’m sharing art activity printables that you can offer your child. All except one are free, and the one exception is still super cheap.

My aim was to think beyond coloring pages and find printable art activities that encourage creativity. Or, as in the case of the color and shape printables, provide art skills and knowledge.

I hope you and your children have fun with these!


Cut and Stick ActivitiesCut and Stick Activities

Craft and colouring activity in one – we have hats, houses, cakes and much more for you to decorate!

Finger PuppetsFinger Puppets

We have finger puppets on all sorts of topics, ready to cut out and assemble so that the kids can tell their own stories. Many of these can also be adapted easily to make stand-up characters.

Paper DollsPaper Dolls

Paper dolls are always great for imaginative play. They are so easy to print out in advance and have ready for a bored moment, or perhaps a car journey or rainy day on holiday. We have a range of paper dolls to suit all ages from toddler up.

Room DecorationsMobiles to Print

We have mobiles on all sorts of themes to print, cut and assemble. Some of our mobiles are for colouring in, too.

Scrapbook PaperScrapbook Paper

Use these free scrapbook paper designs for scrapbook albums, kids crafts, making gift boxes and bags, or as small pieces of wrapping paper for odds and ends and matching gift tags.


You can use these templates for scrapbook projects, drawing practice, stencils, printing, card making and many other creative crafts with your kids.

Printable Christmas CraftsPrintable Christmas Crafts

A fun collection of printable crafts for the festive season, involving lots of rolling, cutting, sticking, dressing, colouring, and hanging – amongst other things!

Printable Easter CraftsPrintable Easter Crafts

Print out these pretty Easter craft printables and then cut and fold them to make Easter baskets, egg holders, table decorations and more.

More Printable Crafts

Diwali Door Hanging

Diwali Door Hanging

At Diwali it is traditional to hang an embroidered door hanging, or toran, above doorways to welcome visitors and hopefully the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi to your home. Make your own simple version from paper with the help of our printables.

Owl Card

Owl Card

This is such a simple craft idea, but your youngest children will enjoy cutting out the shapes and sticking the features on this owl, and love the way the owl looks at you as he stands on display!

Printable Russian Dolls

Printable Russian Dolls

Make your own Russian dolls, also known as matryoshka or babushka dolls, with this printable children’s craft. We have a pre-coloured version or a set that the kids can colour in themselves.


Free Printables DIY Projects & Activities

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Explore these free printable activities for kids!
Handmade Coupon Book for Father's Day


(Pictured clockwise from top left)

More Printable Art Activity Pages for Kids

Free Printable Art Activity Pages for Kids


(Pictured clockwise from top left)

More Printable Art Activity Pages for Kids


Printables to Learn about Colors and Shapes


Printables for 3D Art Activities


Which printable art activities will you try? 

How about printing one out for now and a couple others to have up your sleeve for next time you need a quick and easy art activity?

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16 Printable Art Activities for Kids that Encourage Creativity

Looking for ways to use popsicle sticks? These 50+ Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids are a great way to keep them entertained on a low budget.




Free Printable Crafts for Kids – Holidays


New Year's Confetti Fun


Fortune Teller Valentines

During the holidays, you’re always required to show your feelings for one thing or another. Make it easy on yourself with free printable crafts for kids. You can mass produce Valentines, find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day activity, and share your thanks in just the right way.

New Year’s

  1. New Year’s Confetti Fun
  2. New Year, New Watching Weather Tree

Valentines Day

  1. Fortune Teller Valentines
  2. Happy Hearts Matching Game
  3. Out of this World Valentine
  4. Printable Playdough Top Valentines

St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Printable St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt


  1. Charming Chick Easter Basket
  2. Easter Printable Countdown Activity

Father’s Day

  1. Father’s Day Gift Coins
  2. Handyman Father’s Day Card
  3. Perfectly Suited Father’s Day Card
  4. Toddler Tie

4th of July

  1. Printable Patriotic Pinwheels


  1. Thankful Turkey Paper Feathers
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner Boredom Busters
  3. Total Turkey Trivia


  1. Holiday Finger Puppets
  2. Silly Santa Mask

Free Printable Crafts for Kids – Activities and Toys


Colorful Countdown


Build Your Own Cupcake Free Printable

You can go to the store and buy expensive toys that kids will get bored with quickly, or you can spend absolutely nothing for toys that will keep them entertained for days. Go with free printable crafts for kids keep the kids happy and keep your wallet full. After all, nothing is more thrifty than these free printables:

  1. Colorful Countdown
  2. Don’t Eat Pete
  3. Paper Dice
  4. Planes, Trains, and Spaceships Shadow Puppets
  5. Printable Tidying List
  6. Circus Rider Toy
  7. Dinky Darth Vader
  8. Lovey Puppy Puppet
  9. Paper Fold Up Safari Animals
  10. Printable Paper Monster Toy
  11. Tiny Paper Cowboy
  12. Printable Flying Helicopter
  13. Build Your Own Cupcake Free Printable
  14. Free Printable Farm Animal Game
  15. Printable Playground Scavenger Hunt

Coloring Pages for Kids


Printable Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages


Mandala Free Coloring Pages

Let children color their world with all the pictures they adore. It’s not always easy to find free coloring pages online, but these printables are everything you’ll need to entertain the kiddos. Any one of these free coloring pages will inspire budding artists. Kids can color to their heart’s content with free coloring pages for kids that cost nothing.

  1. Cartoon Yourself
  2. Andy Warhol Marker Art
  3. Dragon Coloring Pages
  4. Froggy Coloring and Threading Card
  5. Pussywillow Color by Numbers
  6. Mandala Free Coloring Pages
  7. Printable Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages
  8. Robot Printable Coloring Page
  9. Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages
  10. Winnie the Pooh Coloring Page
  11. Printable Flower Coloring Sheet

Free Printable Crafts for Kids – Seasonal


Snowflake Lions


Lovely Little LED Lanterns

Rain, sun, wind, or snow, you’ll find the perfect printable craft for the occasion. Cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate and draw funny snowmen faces when it’s too cold to make real ones or mimic the beautiful rainbow in the sky with the help of the Color Me Rainbow printable. No matter the season, your perfect projects are waiting to be picked.

  1. Book of Four Seasons


  1. Snowflake Lions
  2. Draw a Snowman Printable


  1. Color Me Rainbow
  2. Happy Spring Printable Posters
  3. Spring Banner Free Printables


  1. Summer Memories CD Case Frame
  2. Printable Summer Journal
  3. Lovely Little LED Lanterns
  4. 3D Fruit Frenzy

Free Printable Crafts for Kids – Educational


Choosing a Healthy Plate


Platonic Solids Geometric Shapes

While you’re having a blast crafting, you might as well learn a little something. The best part about these educational crafts is that they’re just as fun as all of the other free printables on this list. Enjoy the printable games and learning activities below for some quick and easy educational fun with the little ones.

  1. Choosing a Healthy Plate
  2. Guess the Coin Math Game
  3. Number Line Addition and Subtraction Game
  4. Pentecostal Crowns
  5. Platonic Solids Geometric Shapes
  6. Safe Cracker Printable Math Game
  7. Spell for Your Life Printable Board Game
  8. Dinosaur Diorama Free Printables


Cool Crafts for Tweens



Don’t forget the “big kids!” This list of 100+ Crafts for Middle School Kids will not disappoint.



Handmade Coupon Book for Father’s Day

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