Welcome to are blog site we hope you enjoy all are Kids DIY craft idea’s  and Artistic Expressions . As a mother myself art is one of the best ways to share and spend great quality time with my children as a family.Art also has vary positive outcomes for are children , a new study out of the UK shows the powerful and therapeutic outcomes of creative expression.

Based on teacher responses, students improved in all areas. There was a 37 percent reduction in a topic called Total Difficulties, a 41 percent reduction in emotional problems, a 15 percent reduction in conduct problems, a 33 percent reduction in hyperactivity, a 41 percent reduction in problems with classmates and a 24 percent improvement in social behavior.”  We want to in courage you to share are idea’s and resources like comment and also subscribe to are YOU TUBE CHANNEL just click this link –  THE PERSLEY KIDS ADVENTURE and Thanks so much for all your support.